Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hair freak

[forgive this random topic, but it's been in my mind for today!]
bah. if i had to list an irrational obsession of mine that both irritates me and fascinates me, it would certainly have to involve hair. styling, length, texture, color, etc etc etc. i can't help it; it's one of my most favorite things to observe. my hair, currently, is very boring and blah due to my lack of courage to get anything crazy done. i've had a little past the shoulders, thick dark brown hair with a very haggard-looking side fringe for a majority of 2007-08. (excluding my haircut of many levels of horror in june of last year. it was similar to the typical boring bob that my hairdressers seem to be infatuated with every time i enter a hair salon, anywhere) i'm contemplating a cut in the near future, but my mind can't help but wander over the glories of long, flowing locks...

[freja beha erichsen, "costume change" ...i apologize for the usage of hipster-infested nylon, but would you look at that hair?!]

the majority of my hesitance comes from my firm belief that a short haircut totally changes a person's style and the 'look' that they're going for in their clothes. especially in books and movies do we see hair symbolizing someone's personality and the presence they give in an atmosphere. (ralph's fair hair in lord of the flies, the long blonde hair of the four sisters in the virgin suicides, etc.) a person with wavy hair down to their toes might be able to pull off the hippie look with finesse, but with a jet-black pixie cut? not so much. i'd love to see someone who could break the barrier of hair-defining-style...

have a fabulous day,

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Miss Woo said...

I like long hair and have always regreted that I cutted it to super short when I was 16, there's just so much more things you can do with it!