Monday, May 18, 2009

rah rah rah

on the way to the doctor's office today:

[cotton target shirt, gap tank top, h&m black lace tube bra, uniqlo copper skinnies, freaky bracelet. sorry for the lame pictures. i've been living without a full length mirror for the past 16 years.]

i'm feeling a little bit better than i felt yesterday. maybe i just have a bad case of bronchitis? hmm.


dapper kid said...

Woah that bracelet is sooo cool!! And hope you're feeling better dear :)


Baby you look so cute even when your sick! I want to hug you sooooo bad I misss you <33

The Clothes Horse said...

Prety bracelet!
It's such a bummer being sick. Hope you're all healed soon.

Gem said...

I have a bracelet like that! I absolutely love it, I'll probably post it in my blog tomorrow or something now lol.