Thursday, July 30, 2009


i worked on another quick d.i.y. last night with one of my spare white v-necks:


E said...

That's a clever one. I like how you combined the neck detail with the safety pin "fringe". I keep contemplating some studding, but worry I will screw up the fabric. Is is hard to gauge the size of the holes before you punch the studs?

cindy said...

^ it isn't too difficult! it's not so much getting the size of the hole as it is just MAKING a hole that is annoying. but it's very easy to get used to after the first two or three. :]

Kate said...

Thanks for the sweet comment you left and the link, I really appreaciate it. :D

And I love how you put the studs <3

Val said...

i love the studs/clothes pin combo :) nice diy

Marian said...

this is a gerat diy, i love how subtle it is but still super effective. fabulous.
love your blog name too, super cute :)

Anonymous said...

nice diy project! it reminds me of this ( dress.

daniB said...

applause applause lol
i love this DIY!

the bottom of the shirt with the safety pins
is my favorite part(: