Wednesday, July 15, 2009

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

i spent today wandering around my neighborhood with [who other than] my love.

summer has felt magnificent so far; i've been busy painting, reading, exploring, & feeling very chill. hope it stays like this!


miss milki said...

It looks like a lovely neighbourhood. And those chilled summer days are just the best kind of days! :)

A lonely lumberjack said...

dayum girl look at those guns. I just bought my tickets to your gun show :) Fo'Hills is really nice, let's live together there someday k?

nicola ticola said...

what a lovely neighbourhood, lucky girl!

nicola xx

The Divinitus said...

what a great sequined top.
and your neighborhood.

Fashion Pix said...

Nice pictures!

Miss Muller said...

ouah gorgeous house !

daniB said...

thank you for the sweet comment(:

these photos are beautiful!
i really love the house in the second photo.

and your top is UH-mazing...i have one exactly like yours(: