Sunday, September 6, 2009

unfinished sketches, red velvets, & richie tenenbaum

the barely-visible background is a drawing from a gorillaz promotion (shut up, i love them.. :P) & the sleeveless shirts in the corner are from yes-style. they are on mega sale, so definitely get them if you think they're as cool as i do.. unfortunately, like a true lame-o, i placed an order on the oxfords in the collage without checking for anything else i might have wanted. fail. -_- snippets of random sketches are peeking through; my lack of motivation to do anything productive this year is killing me. i made red velvet cupcakes today, though.. and that was very time consuming, but rewarding.

...i did not mean to make such a long dialogue.. this is what sleep deprivation does to me.


Anonymous said...

haha loveee red velvet cake.

i like your blog! :)


STARR said...

The oxfords are so nice <3