Monday, March 17, 2008

boring introduction

greetings, lovies!

my name is cindy, and i am a fifteen year old nerd living in a tiny apartment in queens, new york. i've lived here for as long as i can remember, and i feel pretty confident that i'll be staying here for a little while longer. i love to observe, sleep, take the long walk home from school, drink coffee (but never tea), study history, and braid my hair. i have unexplained fascinations with the 30s, elephants, certain types of trees, and rabbits.

i have several reasons for hopping on the ever-wonderful bandwagon of blogging:

1. i spend far too much of my free time reading others' blogs, and therefore i've been inspired to create one of my own!

2. fashion is at the top of my list for main interests. i aspire to have a career in the fashion industry when i grow older, and while i am -highly- aware that my current fashion knowledge is terribly below amateur, i am so eager to learn and compile knowledge over time.

3. ...i will do everything in my willpower to procrastinate doing homework and studying for exams. no, really.

hopefully the next posts will be a little more creative... for now, thank god the dreaded introduction post is over! ;]
have a lovely day,

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