Saturday, March 22, 2008

the joys of boys

seeing as all of my best friends but one are boys, i often find myself observing their apparel whenever i'm given the opportunity. i live in queens, where the fashion taste runs low and tanning salons are in heavy use, therefore it's a rarity to see people who even ponder over being original. it brings my heart content when i find a boy, usually on my morning commute to school, who looks like he (cue the gasps) cares about the clothes on his back. what a shocking thought! heheh, anyhow, through observing the rare occasion of boy-who-cares-in-queens and on weekend trips to manhattan, i do try to remember some of the intriguing menswear that attracts my eye and that i wouldn't really mind incorporating into my own wardrobe...

[clockwise from the top left: uniqlo spring collection, banana republic vintage paisley tie, fashion156, uniqlo spring collection, banana republic elephant cuff link, urban outfitters black cardigan]

i, personally, have begun gathering up my collection of men's clothes. i have a few boys' t-shirts which i find myself over-wearing to hell, but i can't help it! they feel so comfy and provide an interesting fit compared to the usual, hug-your-bust feel of a women's t-shirt. they really give an androgynous twist to what would otherwise be a very plain outfit.

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