Tuesday, April 8, 2008

april goals

i'm afraid i won't be updating too much this week save for today and perhaps the weekend; i'm not feeling my greatest. i just wanted to make a quick post today involving some goals that i've set for myself for this month and into the month of may, in case if april gets more hectic than it already is for me to finish them!

cindy's list of d.i.y. goals

[pictures from flickr, gap, & u.o.]
  • lego bow headband
  • double-sided scarf
  • bleach-spritz sweatshirt
  • tie-dye tights

expect to see posts elaborating on these 'goals' of mine in the future, if i get them done!

hope your week is better than mine,


Jello on Springs said...

hope to see the outcomes soon, feel better!

Joe Weber said...

ily :)
and if youre making bleech spritz stuff count me in that stuff looks fucking awesome and i like be artsy :)
my offer on thrift store stuff still stands <3