Tuesday, April 15, 2008

it tastes just like coca cola, c-o-la cola.

'lola' by the kinks has been in my head all day. Isn't that song really weird?
i felt inspired today by coca-cola:

[background from foto decadent. l-r: kidrobot hooded leather bomber, sweetheart bustier dress, heart sunglasses, screencap from heathers, christian louboutin moro shoe boots, gisella lace luxury tights]
i don't know why, but i always associate coca-cola with a mix of lolita innocence but secretly tough bitch, if that makes any sense at all.
what do you associate coca-cola with?

hope your day is grand,

p.s.: i'll blog some more very soon, i swear!


Sabrina said...

I know, it's a horribly catchy song!

Those red tights look very cool.

Caro said...

the heart sunglasses rock !

Benedicte said...

Awesome sunnies!

Joe Weber said...

youre hardboiled awesome sauce i swear..

strike-a-pose said...

you had a really nice blog! ;D
loved the pics.
are you living in nyc? if you are, am i really jealous!

cindy said...

^ thank you, guys!
and yes, strike-a-pose, i do live in nyc. :]

Miss Woo said...

Love the collages and the mood you create, I always think Coca Cola is very American!

donna AND navaz said...

I am obsessed with Coca Cola! I keep the bottles, I have badges, keyrings...I'd LOVE a Coca Cola phone! Yeah, I think of 70s cute-sexy fashion when I think of Coca Cola. What a cool idea for a blog post!