Wednesday, April 2, 2008

lovely legs

sticking out from the crowd seems to be something that i do pretty often among the 'types' of kids that attend my school. i do somehow manage to pop out, whether it gains me awkward attention or not, and the main way that i accomplish in-your-face status is through modifying my uniform as much as possible without REALLY breaking the rules...
one of my most favorite ways to keep my uniform from looking so boring, seeing as it's entirely grey this year, is through super bright opaque tights and knee-highs. (often giving me the nickname of, "wild cindy with the purple socks") i lllove to spruce up my uniform with a pair of obnoxious tights because they add so much color and, believe it or not, really improve my mood on an otherwise droning school day.
in general, i am indeed a total sock/legwear freak with a growing collection of over-the-knee socks, and-- not going to lie-- i have been experimenting on the best ways to prevent the infamous muffin-top thighs. will blog about it once i gain some time to take pictures! in the meantime, here are a few funky sets of legwear that i found on a quick search:

[l-r: two-tone tights (i love these; they're like having two different legs!), long cuffable scrunchable socks, mytights, susie bubble, fashion 156 sheer issue, opaque and net striped thigh highs, topshop stripey tights]


p.s.: forgive my recent lack of posting. school's taken the best of me, but hopefully the workload should be cooling down come next week...

p.p.s.: thank you for the comments! they really make my day, seriously. <3


DandyWarhol said...

(i posted on my blog to, in reply to your comment)
im taking courses at FIT in ny, im doing the fashion design ones.
is that what you're doing??

Miss Woo said...

yes yes bright tights are the best. I'm also gagging to try Susie Bubble's tights layering idea..

donna AND navaz said...

Totally agree, socks are the ultimate cheap snazz-up-your-outfit solution. We like ankle socks worn OVER tights with chunky wedges too but we're too shy to try it ourselves!