Friday, April 4, 2008

walking billboards

one of my biggest pet peeves for fashion clothing and accessories would have to be the infamous repeated monograms, everywhere. covering an entire bag, the insole of a shoe, the pattern on a shirt... the list goes on.
i'm sure that there are many brands out there that manage to pull off their monograms on apparel quite well. unfortunately, being exposed to the trend everyday of my life as a resident of queens, my ability to come to terms with it is very unlikely. a brand that i don't mind seeing plastered all over an article of clothing is y-3. is it because i love yohji yamamoto, and i'm being biased?
[whistles and toddles away]

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Alya said...

i definitely agree! I hate monogrammed items.. Some of them are too crass, but some (like a couple of Vuitton designs) have class..