Wednesday, April 23, 2008

small step, giant leap!

i finally started a very small amount of work on one of the items on my april goals-- the bleach-spritz sweatshirt! the sweatshirt that i am 'operating' on is a grey and baggy mess purchased from the gap a few months ago. i can't really remember why i bought it... all i know is that i regretted the purchase after many weeks of seeing it untouched in the closet. i hate wearing the damn thing since the fit is so yucky and the elastic at the bottom is so unnecessary! and so, with the suggestion of my mom, the game plan is to chop off the humongous elastic piece at the bottom and sew on lace in its place, after which i plan to bleach spritz a few words on the front. the work completed so far has been the chopping off of the elastic. the job was small compared to the other steps that i need to do, but i'm proud that i've finally stopped being lazy and gotten to work! ;]


Joe Weber said...

very nice!
i did something like that with an old tshirt a bleachpen and some sharpies.
but i threw it out hah.
k time to nap with death ttyl <3

Sugar Pop said...

good luck, can't wait to see how it turns out!!

Miss Woo said...

Ooh be interesting to see the end results!

Angie hearts said...

oo, that's cool!

Caro said...

lovely :)