Sunday, May 25, 2008

i am not a robot

and indeed a human. and i have proof!

this was me today, looking very very boring and simple on a trip to the mall. i'm wearing chinese laundry flats, white tights, calvin klein jeans floral dress, & an old urban outfitters t-shirt with doodles on it.


donna AND navaz said...

Cute! White tights are NOT boring...!

Sabrina said...

She appears! That's a lovely dress! Do you have a clearer picture of the print? It's very interesting

money and shit said...

oh I love the combination of flats,tights and dress. very nice blog!

cindy said...

^ thank you, guys! :D

sabrina, i have a close-up of the print for you:

it looks sort of like purple and green palm tree branches!

Ida Nuit said...

I especially like the white tights and the flats, very nice. Like your blog!

Annie said...

Boring and simple? Phhhhhh please! Totally cute! and interesting!