Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i still exist

ahhhhhhhhhhh. :[
i apologize x a million for being so sporadic with posts! i've been so stressed with school, especially now that it's cramming season seeing as the school year is almost done here. i promise to try my hardest to post more (even if it means just weekend fills) and get a little more involved, aka getting to work on d.i.y.s and actually getting around to posting pictures of my own style.
on a different note.
today was a strange day. awkward but lovely. hahahaha.
plenty of things have crossed my mind lately involving a mix of art and fashion. have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a certain period in your life where you only wear a particular color or style? like gustave corbet's nudes period or picasso's blue period, except your garments are the canvases. could subconsciously being partial to a certain shade be in the same category? my best friend claims that he seems me in greys very often, and so this gives me an excuse to make a grey/white/black collage of a few somber-ish picks that i find inspirational:

[i can't remember where i found a lot of this stuff, but i'm going to assume that much is from garance doré and thefashionspot. the picture at the bottom left has been in my mind for a couple of days; i find it very eerie. it's from this foto decadent post. the dress at the top left corner is proenza schouler, and the oxford shoe at the right is from urban outfitters.]

hope your days have been swell,

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