Friday, September 26, 2008

more shows

(sorry for the lack of posts. tough week!)
it's been difficult to keep up with the most recent shows because of the ickiness that is school and time management trouble, but i picked a few looks that appealed to me:

[background from flickr. l-r: marc by marc jacobs, burberry prorsum, rodarte. all pictures taken from]

marc by marc had some looks that were particularly girly and pretty, which is usually right up my alley. (sorry jane ;]) i liked the uncommon spring/summer color palette for a majority of the burberry prorsum pieces, a few shades off from the typical cheery flower patch colors that we're used to seeing in the season. i also really dig the idea of fishnets under signature rodarte-esque flowing dresses for the springtime. definitely a look that i'd be interested in trying.

hope your week has been sweet,

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fire works is it yom kippur said...

i like your rain coat