Monday, April 28, 2008

bleachy bummer

i literally just tried my bleach-spritz-on-sweatshirt idea, and my results were less than satisfactory. :[ my spray bottle was not very sufficient, the foam letters weren't thick enough, and i did a bad job despite two previous trials! no matter, however, because i did have fun doing it, and i'll consider buying fabric pens to make the words look a little more legible.

kind of sucky, but at least it looks a little bit cool, right? hahahah.

happy monday,


Joe Weber said...

thats slightly rad!

Denise said...

i dont even think it looks that bad! it looks really vintage! i like it alot!
are you interested in trading links?

Sugar Pop said...

well - you tried! it turned out good though! humanly decent compared to what I would've done...