Friday, April 4, 2008

takashi murakami

probably one of the only reasons that i still take art as a course in school (because it's certain not for my ability to draw... hah!) is for my excessive love with studying paintings and the artists behind them. i have to say that i am and always have been a huge fan of mid-20th century pop art and expressionism, way before it even became a trend to love warhol and pollock.
an artist of today whom i admire a lot for his ability to create a twist on a common pop theme is takashi murakami. his style of art is called 'superflat' and characterizes the otaku lifestyle. i'm not much of an anime/manga fan, but i'm really digging his work:

these are a few articles of clothing and accessories and such that remind me of murakami for their pop-out status:

[background= uniqlo ad w/ chloe sevigny. l-r: neon flare sunglasses, marni resin stretch bracelet, zipit zipper pulls, moschino i love love fragrance ad (remember it?!), marni patent shoulder bag, juicy couture patent cropped jacket, kidrobot skull classic crewneck, kidrobot x burton
toy pile up pants

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