Saturday, May 3, 2008

skins = spot on

i'm not one for following by tv shows, but one series that i will openly admit my obsession for is definitely skins. i have been a faithful follower since its premiere and will continue to watch it, even with the change of cast. (who else was totally bummed out by that?!)
i think one of my most favorite parts about the show in its entirety is the fact that the clothing worn is so true-to-character. so many character traits can be seen through cassie's whimsical knee-highs and babydoll dresses, chris's unstable just-found-off-the-street-esque style, or (of course) sid's trademark stretchy hat.

[pictures found from & sorry for the chris overload on this collage; he was definitely my favorite character!]

hopefully the cast of next series will have such idiosyncratic style. sigh.


Luna said...

i love skins more than popcorn and unicorns.
and that says a lot. haha:)

Luna said...

exchange links? ^^

cindy said...

^ sure! :]

clare catastrophy said...

ah, skins is fab. & i agree, i was torn up when i found out about the change of cast! i'm going to miss anwar & maxxie the most.