Saturday, May 3, 2008

margiela love

i have recently developed a very strong love for many of martin margiela's interesting deconstruction garments, both from the past and as of recent. the designer, who originally worked for jean paul gaultier before showing his first collection 'maison martin margiela' in 1988, brings deconstruction and creativity to a new level in a variety of his pieces. margiela's vintage pieces represent, to me, what i love the most about the wild times of the 80s. (you know. minus the shoulder pads and the not-so-hot teased curly hair.)

[pictures found from foto decadent, designboom, galleria carla sozzani, & tfs]

i'll admit that the famous destroyed jeans that seem to be popping up everywhere made me feel a little hesitant at first, but i've become quite fond of them. they inspire me to shred up a pair of my own jeans while pairing them with funky tights/leggings, a la nylon april '08.

hope your day is lovely,


Stephanie said...

Cool pictures! I like the insanely destroyed jeans over tights idea to but my mother might flip a shit.

cindy said...

^ LOL, i totally know what you mean. i can't even imagine what my mother would think of those jeans. too afraid to show them to her!