Sunday, January 18, 2009

i'm movin this way i'm doin this thing

yay, sick no more! ... well, at least considerably less sick than before. isn't it the worst when you feel like you've been sick for years but it's only been a few weeks? blegh.
today was a nice day. spent a majority of the afternoon-evening sitting in random areas, becoming members of the comic book store, and glasses-thieving with my sweet boy. he bought me a double-row studded belt, and i bought my sister her 21st birthday presents (european vanilla pear soap with a pouch to keep it in, marie antoinette-esque 'let them eat cake' card, bottle of oscar blandi dry shampoo spray) for this friday. i spent more money on her than she deserves, to be honest, but i don't mind very much. i think everyone is entitled to nice birthdays, no matter who they are.

january needs to end sometime soon because valentine's day is going to actually matter this year. :D

i don't know why, i was in the mood to really write an entry today. and now a collage to sums up my life as of recent:

super duper chill,

p.s.: bruce wayne is dead.
p.p.s.: uniqlo's lookbooks are so fun to observe. i think it's the time of the season for pink pants.


clairegrenade said...

AMEN on uniqlo's lookbooks!

great collage!!

dapper kid said...

Uniqlo is totally awesome, and I so need some more wayfarers in different colours!